The Imagination Project

Theatre Amoeba has been invited by the APAC Theatre Festival to provide an intensive devising theatre workshop. This theatre festival combines experienced students from six international schools throughout Asia and culminates in a final performance. Get involved.

A Place. An Event.

Jikji Research 2014,2015

In this intensive one day workshop participants with learn playful improvisation methods to devise scenes with 1 place and 1 event that take place in everyday locations. Click here.

Theatre Amoeba is doing physical research for an ongoing storytelling project “The Jikji Theatre Project". We invite dynamic performers to perticipate in this intercultural workshop. Our last  performance was October 19th at The Jikji Festival in Cheongju, South Korea  Click Here.

TEDx 청주

Theatre Amoeba's artistic director will discuss The Jikji Theatre Project and the stories that choose you at The Cheongju Cultural Center. Her speech will include scenes from The Jikji Theatre Project.

The Neutral Mask.

Madison, USA/ Cheongju, Korea/ Malmö, Sweden/ Pisa, Italy

Do you know the stories your body is telling? This workshop is for theatre artists, teachers, or anybody interested in communication.


The Neutral Mask is a remarkbale tool to expand your possibilities as a creator. For more information about the workshops click the pink links above. 


Amoeba Events

The Red Nose Cheongju

Theatre Amoeba brings the clown to Cheongju, South Korea. "For a performer, there is something fundamental in the discovery of her or his personal Clown: it's raw, pure, personal, unique, challenging, empowering, revealing, and extremely rewarding It’s the exquisite pleasure of touching the empty space of complete comedy." Giovanni Fusetti 


June 14th, 11-6 and 15th 204 11-6.

Amoeba regularly delivers dynamic workshops.  Please check our calendar for what is up and where it is happening.

Don't be surprised if one day we are in Lebenon and the next day Laos. We are shapeshifting travelers and at this point our backpacks practically pack themselves.   If you have even an idea of an idea for a workshop, show or project that you would like to see happen in your neck of the woods do not hesitate to contact us.

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