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Movement Analysis and Body Awareness
The Mask of Potential
The Poetic Body
Take a Risk
The Neutral Mask Meets the Red Nose
Sweden Workshop
When, 날짜:
2014. 03.26, 04.02
매주 수요일, 2 Wednesdays 50,000 (25,000 per workshop)
Time, 시간:
저녁 7시 30분- 10시,
7:30- 10:00
Total 5 hours of Teaching
Space, 장소:
액터스하우스, 청주
The Actors House, Shinae, Cheongu (청주시 상당구 상당로 174-2 (북문로2가, 영신빌딩4층)
More Information:
010-6777-7902  (Korean)
(English) 010-8743- 8964

We are all different. We are all the same.

The Neutral mask is a tool to explore what is universal in all of us and assists in developing awareness of one’s body and personal habits.


Do you find that as an actor you consistently play the same types of characters? Why are you constantly playing the same roles in the same kind of films? As a teacher are your students responding the same way- no matter how much you think  you are changing a lesson? It is essential that every artist develop an awareness of the natural "drama" that is present in their body. If not the actor’s personal body can unintentionally interfere with the creation of dynamic characters and speak for the artist.


The neutral mask assists the body to reach a state of silence and the actor, as Jacques Lecoq said, can become “a white page", ready to be written on in the future dramas.













Awareness: The Neutral Mask meets the architecture of my body. What stories am I telling? Where are my folds?


Play: My body and my clown versus the universal body of neutrality.


Articulation: What is economy of movement? How can I encourage stillness in my body?  What is an attitude? The Neutral Mask solo and as a chorus in motion.


Rhythm: 'One Place, One Event'. Find a theme and build it through action and reaction.

This workshop is action packed. The teaching language will be Body and English with translations in Korean when needed.  This is an experiment in intercultural theatre collaboration as Amoeba expects that there will be participants from a variety of countries. This is also a good opportunity to improve your Korean or your English skills as we hope to have an international group of participants.


What to wear? Neutral black clothing suitable for movement. not too loose or you will hide your amazing stories. We will work barefoot. This is the first of a series of “The Poetic Body” workshops that will explore physical theatre. The eventual goal is to create a collaborative performance that will be shared with the Cheongju comunity. Based on the teaching of Jacques Lecoq, “The Poetic Body” Workshops offer intensive training in the creation of theatre that is born from action. Exercises focus on physical dynamics and techniques to help performers create work that is at once playful, emotional and inventive. As the wise Albert Einstein declared, "Play is the highest form of research."


The workshop will be led by Denise Rinehart (click for more info) who is the Artistic Director of Theare Amoeba and presently teaches movement at Cheongju University and directs various artistic projects in South Korea and throughout the planet.

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