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Denise Rinehart (USA/ Italy)-  Denise is a Lecoq based devising theatre artist and pedagogue. Theatre has led her throughout the world including USA, England, France, Indonesia, Korea, Philippines and Poland and her plays have been performed in England, Italy, Morocco, Poland, Korea and the USA. 

Denise is the founder and artistic director of Theatre Amoeba (read about Amoeba's projects here).  Presently Denise is based in Italy where she leads a theatre lab and offers workshops to movement theatre students from around the world.  Presently she is based in Bologna, Italy while continuing to direct, teach and create in both Italy and abroad. Recently while living in Venice, Italy she taught Drama at The International School of  Venice and continued Theatre Amoeba's  a unique movement in English program for little ones from ages 0-3 and 3-5 called "Inglese Giocando", which combines theatre play, mime and music with English.  Most recently Denise began a collaboration with the theatre collective Cantieri Meticci in Bologna where she is working to devise an original piece with a group of Ukrainian families that recently arrived in Italy due to the war in Ukraine. Since October 2019 Denise is a part of the faculty at The International Institute of Very Very Serious Studies (IIVVSS)- a performance training program in Beirut, Lebanon to develop the talents of experienced artists and send them out to use their skills to engage with communities.  She also collaborates with with the Fondazione Sipario Toscana (La Citta del Teatro) in Cascina where she directed and performs in the show “Sh...We Have a Plan" (Promo Video).  Since 2016 Denise has been a part of highly acclaimed ClownMeIn Caravan project working as a Mentor, Director, Dramaturg and Actor Trainer



Until 2015 Denise worked as a theatre professor at Cheongju Arts University, Korea where she specialised in teaching movement to theatre majors.. Aside from Amoeba's residency and theatre projects, Denise's previous pedagogical projects have included helping to co develop Acro Gioco and co teach (with Sarah Liane Foster and Jeremy Roske) in its initial stages at Helikos International School of Creation where she assisted master teacher Giovanni Fusetti during her full time pedagocic mentorshop at Helikos in Florence Italy.  Denise holds an MFA- Master of Fine Arts in Lecoq Devised Theatre from The London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA) as well as a MA-ed in International Education which she obtained while teaching and collaborating in Lodz and Wroclaw, Poland.

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