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Amoeba is searching for 5 -7 to artists to participate in an investigation with the Larval masks on the theme of meetings. The aim of this workshop will be to produce several mini mobile shows that will pop up at various LGBTQIA friendly events in Italy. One could imagine these larval popping up in parades and parks! The workshop will begin in the end of April 2018.  

The Imagination Project.


Amoeba is searching for 4 teaching artists. Two workshop leaders and two workshop assistants for a project February 26,27,28th, 2015 in Korea. For more information click here

Jikji Research


Casting physical researchers. Theatre Amoeba, led by Denise Rinehart, is devising a storytelling project “Jikji”. Amoeba seeks 10 dynamic performers. Visit the Jikji Theatre Project website.


Theatre Amoeba is open to performers from different creative genres and techniques inspired by Physical Theatre as a bold, vibrant and multidimensional approach to contemporary theatre performance. 



The project is constantly evolving as most Amoeba projects.  Amoeba is a Lecoq based theatre company and we are looking for dancers, actors of physical theatre, contemporary circus performers, choreographers and directors - performing arts practitioners with stage experience working in various genres, techniques and styles - interested in devising theatre.


Participants do not have to committ to all of the sessions. Scheduling is flexible. There will be stipends to cover the cost of travel and housing will be provided when needed. Room and board will be provided during the first session.


Session 1: May 18-20th 2014.

The first session will be at Hooyong Performing Arts Center in Munmak, South Korea. Get Involved!

Place: Hooyong Performing Arts Centre. The Hooyong Performing Arts Center is a repurposed space in Korea opened in 2001. Its international residencies are designed to provide supportive environment for the artists to concentrate on their creative works. Through the program, artists are to strengthen their creativity in association with a variety of artistic elements, surrounded by a nature-friendly work space which allows them to solidify their discipline and skill.  For more information visit The Nottle Theatre Website.

Session 2:  June 14th- June 29th.

Place: Cheongju Arts Factory

Once Korea’s largest tobacco factory, this space now is being developed into a cultural space.  We will be using a well lit corner of this magnificent space which hosts the magnificent Cheongju International Craft Biennale.  There will be two work in progress showings at the end of this session in Cheongju and Seoul.


Session 3: September 2014- October 2014.

During this period we will preparing a performance for The Jikji Festival in Cheongju, South Korea.  The exact location of this process is not yet decided.  It will likely be a combination of the above mentioned spaces. Get Involved!


Future Sessions:

Once these sessions are completed we will continue our development and expand our work into a full length (about 60 minutes) production.  This will include additional residencies in in France and Korea in 2015. 

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