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A Theatre Amoeba workshop in Gwangju, Korea
시간 12시- 5시,
장소  - 바림(BARIM)

Have you ever taken an elevator? Waited in line at the post office? Do you travel the subway in order to get to work? Take the bus?

In this intensive one day workshop participants with learn playful improvisation methods to devise scenes with 1 place and 1 event that take place in everyday locations.

We will focus on crescendo, action/reaction, listening and rhythm, team work and of course PLAY. As Albert Einstein said "Play is the highest form of research."

This intense introduction workshop is inspired by Denise Rinehart's (Theatre Amoeba's Artistic Director/ Professor of Acting and Movement at Cheongju Art's University) research of Lecoq based theatre.

"A Place and Event" explores the b...eginning of story building created by the actor. It also reminds us of the key elements of "all theatre" which can be applied to "all performance".

Physically curious performers will have the opportunity to:
1. Push boundaries, play games and explore new improvisation & theatre methods.
2. Play with rhythm and re(action) while developing unique scenes.
3. Develop theatre with the simplicity of 1 place and 1 event. It’s hard!
4. Connect the mind and body and jump into the beginnings of Lecoq actor created theatre and ensemble storytelling.
5. Be introduced to the concept of neutrality. We will work on developing body awareness to make you a better performer and give you more diverse performing opportunities.

Date: November 16th
Time: 12-5
Place: Barim, Gwangju

Fees: 70,000 won for 5 hours of instruction.
Early Bird: Book before Novembers 7th- 60,000 won.
Students: 50,000

Group Discount (5 or more people together): 50,000 won per person. This is a great chance to develop a common theatre language.

Maximum participants: 16

Bank transfer: Your spot will be help once you have wired your fee. Hurry up! This workshop is going to be fantastic. Email for transfer details.

Accommodation: If you are coming from out of town accommodation is available at Barim at 20,000 per night. Reservations must be made through Theatre Amoeba one week in advance.

This is the second in a series of “The Poetic Body” workshops that explore physical theatre. Based on the teaching of Jacques Lecoq, “The Poetic Body” Workshops offer intensive training in the creation of theatre that is born from action. Exercises focus on physical dynamics and techniques to help performers create work that is at once playful, emotional and inventive. As the wise Albert Einstein declared "Play is the highest form of research."

Teaching Artist: The workshop will be led by Denise Rinehart, (MFA, MA-ed, and Certified in Lecoq Pedagogy) the artistic director of Theatre Amoeba ( and theatre professor at Cheongju Arts University in South Korea. Please visit the Theatre Amoeba website for further details and to learn about our current performance project called “The Jikji Theatre Project”.

For additional details or questions email or visit

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