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What is an Amoeba?

Theatre Amoeba is a physical theatre project committed to creating dynamic shows, sharing movement theatre as teaching artists and working on social and educational development projects. The project has been internationally based with past and present members from Korea, Japan, Lebanon, Brazil, USA, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Morocco and England. 


Amoeba is a concept created by founder Denise Rinehart.  Sometimes one, sometimes many, and like an amoeba, you never know where you may find Theatre Amoeba.  This flexible band is composed of movement theatre performers, directors and teaching artists with experience training children, teachers, local community members and professional performers.

As a devising theatre company, Amoeba's size and shape shifts.  Our creators are specifically trained in story development based on improvisation and the poetry of storytelling stemming the pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq and the idea of actor created theatre.

Amoeba has an extensive history of Artivism working towards social change, inclusion and giving space to the small stories while working in diverse communities throughout the planet since it was founded in 2002.  Our long term projects include Actor created English workshops, script sharing as well as Theatre Aid residencies.

Our residency projects have taken us to Indonesia, Colombia, Korea, Morocco.

Amoeba in Action


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