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창작. 움직임. 통찰력. 아메바 극단.

Theatre Amoeba is a vibrant multi-disciplinary physical theatre ensemble committed to dynamic performance, social and educational development projects. We are internationally based with past and present members from Korea, Japan, Lebanon, USA, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, Morocco and England. 


아메바 극단은 2002년 12월에 창단된 국제적인 신체극 단체입니다.

아메바 극단은 시각적이고 이종 문화적이며 역동적인 퍼포먼스와 언어를 수용하기도 하고 초월하기도 하는 철저한 워크샵을 통하여 창작하고 교육합니다.

우리의 프로젝트는 자끄 르꼭의 스토리텔링 과정인 코메디아 델라르테의 움직임과 수많은 상상력으로부터 영감을 받은 창작을 포함합니다.

간단하고 직접적인 방법으로 우리의 신체와 형태를 시적인 참여로 초대하면서, 우리는 활동적이고 육체적인 것에 초점을 맞추고 예술적 접근을 합니다.

Events & Workshops

Neutral Mask

The poetry of the Neutral Mask challenges the actor to use physicality while expressing oneself on stage. Working with the mask enables performers to eliminate personal habits and discover essential gesture through economy of movement as well as create a foundation and reference point for character.

Play, Space, Create


Before there was theatre there was play! In this workshop we will set the interplay between the actor's mind and body in motion . Through actor created improvisations  the body’s ability to express the full scope of the imagination will lead us to ask: Where does a story come from? When exactly does it emerge? How do we recognize a universal story vs. a private one?

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