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 “If you want to hunt a tiger you must enter its cave first.”


씨어터 아메바의 신체극을 통한 박병선 연구: 프랑스에서 가장 오래된 금속활자를 되찾기 위해 노력했던 박병선 직지 연구학자. 씨어터 아메바에서는 "그녀가 프랑스 국립박물관으로부터 직지를 되찾기 위해 노력했던 오랜 세월을 조명합니다.”

Get Involved! 우리는 여러분을 기다립니다! 직지 씨어터 프로젝트에 참여하거나
자유롭게 프로젝트를 후원해 주실 분들은 theatreamoeba.@gmail.com으로 이메일을 보내주세요. 함께 직지 씨어터 프로젝트를 만들어 보는 건 어떨까요?


CASTING: 직지 페스티벌에 참가할 배우들을 모집합니다!

Dr. 박병선 (Dr. Park, Byeon Seon)

Dr. 박병선 proved Korea was the first place in the world where moveable metal type was used for printing. This collection,  also referred to by its shortened name “Jikji” , was printed in 1377, 78 years earlier than the Gutenberg Bible. UNESCO honored it by including it in its World Heritage listing in 2001.

Theatre Amoeba has been researching Jikji in Cheongju, South Korea for two years where Denise Rinehart works as a theatre professor and artistic director for Theatre Amoeba.  Over time Amoeba has developed an imaginative physical work using choral storytelling, mask, and the poetry of objects that tells the tale of an ambitious young woman working at the National Library of France who discovers a book- but not just any book.


This true story takes place not long after the Korean War, in 1955, when Dr.박병선first flew to Paris. Secretly looking for cultural relics that had been stolen from Korea during the 1866 attack on Gangwando Island known as the병인양요, she discovers the 직지 (Jikji.)


Plunge into a physical world of  storytelling as the memories of  Dr. Park take you on historic and imaginative retelling of  her discovery of the 직지and her lifetime struggle to return it to its rightful home in Korea.

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