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Movement in Morocco
Tsunami Theatre Aid
Movement in Morocco
Yayasan Lamjabat Performance
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Teacher Training
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Creative expression though storytelling is an important part of the recovery process for those who have experienced traumatic events and catastrophic disasters. Our projects actively focuses on teaching and mentoring as well as interactive performances using physically based theatrical ensemble storytelling. We use creation and performance to enable those who are challenged to voice their joys and pains, their dreams and fears.  

The experience of the Amoeba Ensemble is Extensive including creating with Palestinian marginalized communities living in camps in Lebanon, teaching and performing for Tsunami survivors including theatre artists, teachers and children in Aceh, Indonesia, as well as creating with economically challenged youth in Morocco.  Please contact us for further details and project ideas.

Theatre Amoeba’s Mission: Creation. Movement. Insight “Theatre exists in many shapes and forms and in many places. Like an amoeba, it is always changing. We find it everywhere in everything”.

Movement in Morocco was a one month residency in Morocco where we worked with in need youth and teens from Errachadia and the areas surrounding the Sahara desert.  After our workshops we toured our production entitled "Rooftops", written by Denise Rinehart which was a physical performance inspired by Amoeba's work in Aceh.  Our final performance concluded  at the "Theatrical days of Chefchaouen" Festival.

 Amoeba endeavors to:


  • Create a 'universal' theatrical language using a devised mixture of voice, acrobatics, mime, circus and puppetry: vibrant movement meets a lot of imagination.

  • Inspire insight and confidence all over the world. Our ying-yang educational artistic approach is energetic and physical in a simple and direct way exploring the balance between the teacher and the learner.

  • Provide new tools, which will not only encourage participants to be active members in their society but give teachers tools to continue to teach creatively and use drama long after Amoeba’s departure.

  • Share the artistic diversity of our ensemble members with the communities in which we are working.

  • Build a positive sense of action through workshops and provide opportunities for group activity and enjoyment.


Amoeba is always open to sculpting a project to suit local needs. Get in touch and let's make smiles! Contact

Theatre Amoeba's one month Theatre Aid residency  in Aceh, Indonesia included a performance of our original piece “Sweet Dreams” Amoeba also lead workshops for and with tsunami survivors, teachers and artists over the course of two months.   Our work included collaborating with Yayasan Lamjabat, Save the Children, The Indonesian Scouts Organisation and Ananda Marga.


 “The impact the Amoeba team had on both the teachers and the children was far greater than just the performances that took place. It was a great cultural exchange on many levels for all involved, created new friendships, boosted confidence and self-esteem of children and community teachers who didn’t think it was possible to put something so good together so quickly. The methods Amoeba used inspired new ideas for working with the children and above all provided a lot of laughs and fun for all involved at a time when people had very little to laugh about.”


Linda North, Technical Advisor for Yayasan Lamjabat- Aceh, Indonesia

Theatre Aid. Build hope though action and reaction.
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