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What materials is your body made of?

I have been in Korea 3 years teaching movement toTheatre majors at Cheongju University. Since the Korean school year begins in March I just was introduced to a new group of first year students. In the beginning of the semester we work with Neutral mask and clown. As an introduction to this world I have develpoed this activity. The goal is to assist in the development of body awareness and in recognising the different idiosyncracies each body has through obervation and various other activiities. The provacation to make a 3-D version of their own body using any materials that they see fit. It is important that students think dynamic and abstract- not desciptive. The body should represent the dynamic of their tension, (or lack thereof) and their personal stories. I have found this a great way to open up a differnet way of looking at our bodies.


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