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Actor Created Theatre

Impulse. Insight. Action. Reaction. Storytelling.


Theatre Amoeba is an international physical theatre project created in 2002.  The Amoeba ambition is to create, educate and exchange through visual, inter-cultural & dynamic performances, and rigorous workshops & classes throughout the planet.

Our collaborations involve diverse people in unpredictable places and our projects incorporate inspired movement, the Lecoq process of devised storytelling, and most importantly creation inspired by a lot of imagination. The focus and artistic approach is energetic and physical, inviting the body and form to poetically participate in a simple and direct way.

Creation. Movement. Insight. Theatre Amoeba.

Professional Trainings

Amoeba offers a unique opportunity for performers, directors, writers or choreographers of all skill levels, who are interested discovering the underlying laws of theatre and how the body, gesture and the theatrical space express passion.

  • The Body in Space
  • Devised Theatre
  • Sound and Movement
  • Mask Technique

Events & Workshops

Neutral Mask and the Poetic Space | March 2014

The poetry of the Neutral Mask challenges the actor to use physicality while expressing oneself on stage. Working with the mask enables performers to eliminate personal habits and discover essential gesture through economy of movement as well as create a foundation and reference point for character. 

Teaching Physical Theatre, Part 2 | April 2014

A collaboration with Chungbuk National Culture and Arts Education Support Center in South Korea.  As a group we will explore how materials, elements and animals move and how we can create dynamic and physical characters and stories using them as our inspiration.  This experience will give participants some insight to some of the lessons that are taught in the first year of study of the Lecoq method. 

Something Old Something New | September  2013

The curiousity of the Larval Masks joined the opening Ceremony of The Cheongju International Craft Biennale.

A mystical performance with larval mask, dance and 240 handmade Korean quilts!

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