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Amoeba trainings are drawn from multiple influences  including the pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq, the further developments of (LISPA)The London International School of the performing Arts and the research of Giovanni Fusetti at Helikos International School of Creation in Florence, Italy.

Our sessions can last for up to three months and can be customized to suit both students and professionals of all ages and levels of experience.

Our workshops are available to any and all interested in an awesome theatre experience from professional artists to computer programmers. 



Writing through inprovisation ahead of paper and pen as an ensemble through a truthful observation of the world  and it’s movements we devise and discover what Lecoq meant by creating a ‘A theatre that moves’.


Take the Space!  Without space there is no theatre.  The analysis of our own individual stories and personal habits and gestures is essential in order to create the larger stories around us.   Breath begins with awareness.


We bring the Actor's attention back to playing though rigourous improvisation.  We aim to introduce dynamic performance languages which emphasise physical playing and a discovery the importance of listening, action and reaction.

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